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Erie 2 School Library System: Section 1: Framework

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I Intro



The Framework provides a top-level view of the information fluency standards. You may refer to this document when you are communicating to other educators about the substance of the library curriculum and deciding on the priorities for teaching in your own school.

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The Anchor Standards

I: Inquiry & Design Thinking

We are thinkers
and designers”

Use Inquiry and Design Thinking to Build Understanding and Create New Knowledge

Standard 1.1:  Information-fluent learners use an inquiry process to connect to prior experience and background knowledge, wonder and ask questions, investigate, construct new understanding, express learning, and reflect on the process and product of learning.

Standard 1.2:  Information-fluent learners experience, experiment, and use a design process to discover creative solutions to authentic problems, form personal understandings, and propose original ideas.




II: Multiple Literacies

We are readers, writers, and creators in multiple formats”

Use Multiple Literacies to Explore, Learn, and Express Ideas

Standard 2.1:  Information-fluent learners use multimedia literacy skills and knowledge to deconstruct and learn from texts in multiple formats through comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.

Standard 2.2:  Information-fluent learners present their learning and ideas by constructing messages using multiple, authentic formats appropriate for the purpose and audience. 








III: Social & Civic Responsibility

We are citizens”

Demonstrate Civic Responsibility, Respect for Diverse Perspectives, Collaboration, and Digital Citizenship

Standard 3.1:  Information-fluent learners recognize the importance of accurate information to a democratic society and actively seek, evaluate, learn from, and use credible information from diverse community and global perspectives.

Standard 3.2:  Information-fluent learners demonstrate effective collaboration in the exchange of information, in both the face-to-face and digital environment.

Standard 3.3:  Information-fluent learners demonstrate digital citizenship by maintaining ethical decision making and behavior and avoiding the spread of misinformation in the exchange and use of information.

IV: Personal Growth & Agency

We are confident, independent learners”

Engage in Personal Exploration, Social and Emotional Growth, Independent Reading and Learning, and Personal Agency

Standard 4.1:  Information-fluent learners use information and ideas presented in any format to reflect on and pursue personal interests, develop strengths, and engage in personalized and independent learning.

Standard 4.2:  Information-fluent learners develop agency (personal identity and confidence) to express their ideas, raise awareness, advocate for change, and/or take social action.