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Erie 2 School Library System: Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan

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Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan

Each library exists to serve the needs of its own community of users. However, we acknowledge that the local collections cannot satisfy all the needs of every patron. While each library is responsible for developing a basic core collection, more and more are relying on cooperative activities to meet research and literary demands.

This plan mutually benefits all member districts by creating special collections in participating libraries that others in the system can draw upon through the established interlibrary loan network. The focus of Cooperative Collection Development is to develop and manage collections in a cost-effective and user-beneficial way. It is not meant to reduce costs but to improve services and maintain needed access to current resources in all formats to meet the rapidly changing needs of library patrons.

New York State Education Law requires each School Library System (SLS) to develop a Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan (CCCD Plan).

  • Education Law 283: Functions of a School Library System

  • Commissioner Regulations 90.18 School Library Systems

District Collections


  • PS Cookbooks - Elma.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  Our goal is to build a comprehensive cookbook collection that fosters a love for cooking, promotes healthy eating habits, and celebrates cultural diversity within our school community. We aim to empower students to experiment in the kitchen, develop confidence in their culinary abilities, and cultivate a lifelong passion for cooking and nutrition.
  • PS Nonfiction - Ripley.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  Students in grades K-2 love to learn about the world around them. Our collection had lots of nonfiction books that students  enjoyed looking at, but were unable to read by themselves.  The goal of this collection area is to increase the number of nonfiction books written for primary students to read. As this collection has grown we have increased the number of primary reading level books about animals.  We hope to increase other areas of nonfiction books.


  • Animals - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: This collection is dominated by, but not limited to,  Bellwether Media’s “Blastoff!” series which is aimed at readers in grades K-3. There are many series in this collection, hundreds of individual animal nonfiction books, as well as habitats, life cycles, spot-the-differences, Who Would Win, Animal Battles, pets, cats, dogs, horses, and more.  Other publisher’s titles include animal science, animal heroes, and more. Older readers are served by a collection of animal encyclopedias.  Also included is a growing collection of fiction featuring animals (picture books, chapter books, and some middle grade fiction) to accompany kids’ interest in animals and to spark curiosity to learn more about them.
  • ES Arts - Ripley.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  Within the last few years the publishing world has increased the number of quality picture books about the arts. Previously our collection for the arts was made up of biographies and old how to books.  The goal of this collection area is to increase the number of these books in our collection.  
  • Biographies - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: In this collection, the goal is to keep the following series up to date: Who Was, The Story Of, and She Persisted.  Other collections include those from The Graphic Library, and other smaller series including sports icons, and WWE stars. This collection is currently focused on elementary/middle school  readers, but may include HS titles.
  • Inventors and Inventions - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: Narrative nonfiction picture books are a fun way to introduce research into inventors and inventions.  The plan for this collection is to include biographies about inventors  and nonfiction about inventions, and currently has several narrative nonfiction books about inventions.
  • Space/Astronomy/Planets - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: This collection includes elementary nonfiction about space and planets, astronauts, and space science.  Also included are narrative nonfiction books about astronauts and developments in space exploration, as well as fiction picture books featuring space themes.  All are great to use in conjunction with the digitarium.
  • ES Sports - East Aurora
    • Collection Focus and Description:  A broad collection of fiction and nonfiction sports books for elementary readers. These books will include informational texts on games, sports, and professional athletes, as well as chapter books and graphic novels focusing on athletics and sportsmanship. This collection will aim to be as current as possible, adapting to readers' ever-changing interests in local sports teams, star athletes, and school sports. 
  • STEM - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: This collection seeks to build a collection of resources for students and teachers to use with any STEM exploration.  Books include narrative nonfiction introducing a STEM concept as well as science nonfiction.  Strengths are currently in the elementary grades.
  • ES Superheroes - Ripley.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  Students have alway loved superheroes.  With the Marvel Movie franchise in full force for the last few years it has increased my students' interest in them tenfold.  The goal of this collection area is to increase the collection of books our students are looking for (Marvel, DC, Ninja Turtles) and add books to the collection that have characters that “act” like superheroes to broaden our students' definition of superheroes and their reading world. 

Intermediate School

  • IS Countries - Iroquois Intermediate School
    • Collection Focus and Description:  This series takes readers on a journey around the world - to various countries.  On the way, readers experience the geography and wildlife, customs, food, lifestyle and celebrations of each individual country.  Books are rich in photographs, giving a strong sense of life in each country.  

Middle School

  • MS Graphic NovelsEast Aurora Middle School.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  The collection includes both fiction and nonfiction graphic novels, covering a wider array of genres including, historical fiction, biographies, classics, mythology. It does not include comics or Manga series.
  • Monsters & Mythology - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description:  With books for young and old, this collection is full of world  mythology and all things creepy.  Middle grade and high schoolers can read about world mythologies.  Middle grade nonfiction includes movie monsters, cryptids, mythological beasts, and supernatural creatures/phenomenon.  Young readers can enjoy monsters in early readers and picture books.

High School

  • HS Graphic Novels and Non-Fiction - East Aurora High School.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  A collection of graphic novels and nonfiction geared toward the needs and interests of 9-12 graders. Titles include award-winners, novels or plays in graphic format, manga, and general interest from DC, Marvel, and other publishers. Nonfiction titles include a variety from informative to narrative, with an interest in medical issues as well as minority experiences and family-of-origin experiences. Reading levels range from 7th to professional reading.
  • Hi-Lo Fiction Books - Sherman
    • Collection Focus and Description: This is a growing collection of paperback fiction books of interest to very low reading middle and high school readers.
  • HS Non-Fiction Sports - East Aurora High School.
    • Collection Focus and Description:  A collection focused on the needs and interests of 9-12 graders studying sports. Titles include sports and sports-related issues such as paying college athletes, rules, injuries and exercise, biographies and memoirs, as well as a smaller focus on general statistics. Books are both narrative and informative and range in reading levels from 7th grade to professional reading. 

Recommended Vendors

  • Follett
    • When ordering from Follett please share the list to BOCESSLS/Media (case sensitive).
  • Ingram
  • Junior Library Guild
  • Mackin
  • Permabound
  • The Library Store

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